Natalie P. Lamping
Natalie P. Lamping
Natalie P. Lamping, daughter of Mykola and Inese Pawlenko was born in Nordlingen, Germany. She is the oldest of three children, sister, Fatima Kranz, and brother, Mykola. All are involved with horses. In 1960, when Natalie was twelve, her father took her and Fatima to Europe for six weeks. Natalie spent a month in Diepenheim Warmelo at Princess Armgard's castle and rode everyday with Col. Pantchoulidzew. She had lunch with Queen Julianna of the Netherlands and rode Prince Bernhard's horses. What an opportunity for a child. During this trip Natalie hunted in Ireland, rode some Irish three day horses, had a lesson from St. Cyr in Switzerland, and in Austria a lesson from Irbinger on a Lippizan mare. In Rome she met Col. Raimondo D'Inzeo and jumped his World famous Merano. She was invited to stay in Italy to ride the young jumpers, but her dad wouldn't allow it.

At home in Illinois, Natalie rode jumpers that were schooled in Dressage. The better movers that didn't jump that well went on in Dressage, while the others did hunters or jumpers. In 1962 Natalie was to return to Europe, but was sidelined by a broken knee doing a horse related favor for someone. This injury was the beginning of the end as far as her jumping career went. Several knee surgeries later, the Doctor said no riding, but knowing that would never happen, conceded to allowing her to ride Dressage. That is how her serious Dressage career started.

In 1971 Natalie won the AHSA Senior Dressage Finals on Rheinwein, a stallion that she imported as a three year old from Germany. At that time there was only one final for the country. Rheinwein was the horse that Natalie had hopes of making the USET Team someday. Unfortunately, he was lost in a tragic accident. After that Natalie concentrated on raising a family, helping other people with their horses, and judging. Natalie got her judge's card by the time she was 21 and her FEI card at 39. Natalie was president of IDCTA and a member of the USEF licensed offic committee.

Natalie and her student Darcy Drije became well known for their Pas de Deux's as The Lone Ranger and Tonto as well as The Blues Brothers. They even gave an exhibition at a USET Selection Trial. All of this gives Natalie an appreciation for all aspects of the sport from different points of view.

Natalie has taught, trained, and coached many horse and rider teams over the years. They have won at NAYR Championships as well as numerous AHSA (now USEF), USDF, Year end awards. Some of the better known horses that Natalie trained and showed were Isgilde, Casanova, Bagheera, Bulliary, Rheinwein, Charisma, Abenteuer, Amon Ra, Deaandro, and Lightfoot.

Natalie has two sons, Alexander and Gregory, four grandchildren, Zoey, Kaelee, Alanna, and Katelyn, and two nieces, Mara and Petra.

Natalie has made her home in Ocala, Florida. Natalie coached Guatemala that got them qualified to participate in the 2015 Pan Am Games. She now concentrates on coaching, giving clinics, judging, and running judge's programs and testing.

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